Executive & Organizational Coach,   certified by New York University

Executive & Professional Coach,   certified by Texas University

Personal Branding Master Strategist & Keynote Speaker,  certified by Reach NY

Image Consultant, certified by Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of NY

Combining my conceptual, visionary, strategist orientation with my ability to see immediate concrete actions
to achieving and enjoying opportunities, I offer multifaceted performance coaching and consulting
to executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and other coaches.

Welcome to my website,


I trust you will enjoy my map of the world.


I am here to 

  • fire your passion
  • inspire the best in you,
  • streamline your strategy
  • stand out your personal brand     
  • help you to manage external perceptions
  • speed up reaching your goals.
A coach for those who are enthusiastic about seeing deep and far
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